September 2, 2020

Closing the digital divide: TextNow helps Florida families

Written by nick


The global pandemic has highlighted the digital divide facing low-income families in North America. Whether its working from home, online classes for school-aged children, or staying in touch with essential services, many vulnerable people have been left behind without access to modern technology --- basic needs like internet access and cell phone service. The problem is exacerbated in rural areas.

At TextNow, we’ve been partnering with non-profit organizations in our communities to ensure that low-income families can stay connected during these extraordinary times.

TextNow partners with Early Head Start to close digital divide

The [Early Head Start Program at Florida State University](,families%20with%20infants%20and%20toddlers.) partners with families who are pregnant or parenting children under three while facing challenging situations like finding services for a child with special needs, or parenting with a disability, or even just trying to make ends meet while living below the poverty line. Early Head Start Home Visitors provide research-based education and support during weekly home visits to help parents fulfill their roles as their child’s first teacher and advocate. The program’s mission is to promote healthy prenatal outcomes for pregnant women, enhance the development of young children, and promote healthy family functioning.

We’re proud to work with Head Start to provide free phones and cell phone service to families in need. This donation will help Early Head Start Home Visitors stay in touch with the families they serve.

“During this extended COVID-19 crisis when we can’t go out and work face to face with our parents and children like usual, it’s been so helpful to provide a TextNow phone and service to our most vulnerable families so we can stay connected,” said Julie May McDougal, Director of FSU’s Early Head Start program. “We really appreciate this partnership and are excited to share about TextNow’s free service with families facing economic hardships so they can make their budget stretch a little further.”

Many more people will need to make difficult financial decisions in the coming days (and weeks and months) as the effects of the pandemic continue. We want you to know that if you can no longer afford your phone service, we’re here to help.

Our mission has always been to help close the digital divide by providing excellent phone service for free, or as close to free as possible. Our service is here to make sure that everyone has access to communication through this difficult time.