June 30, 2022

Building community at Pride 2022 with TextNow

Written by pride-at-textnow-erg

Our Pride at TextNow Employee Resource Group (ERG) didn’t rest this past month, as we hit the road and traveled to Detroit, MI for Motor City Pride and New York, NY for Pride Fest NYC. Our commitment to giving back to the community was in full swing with teammates from throughout the company working at the TextNow booth to spread the word about what our company does, provide beads, give out t-shirts, and enjoy communication IRL.

“Being able to meet some of our users and talk to them about how TextNow has made a difference for them,” was Laura’s favorite moment of representing TextNow at Motor City Pride. “It is great to meet actual users and talk to them about their experiences in such an open and accepting atmosphere.”

TextNow’s mission is to democratize reliable phone service because we see how much people spend on their cell phone bill each month, and we believe phone service should cost nothing. We spoke to people at Pride to ask them how much they pay for their monthly phone bills, and some of the answers were shocking even for us.

When you use the TextNow SIM Card with our app, you can connect to the nation’s largest 5G/4G network and get wireless phone service always starting at $0/month. We cover the cost of phone service with unobtrusive ads, so you don’t have to worry about phone bills.

If you want your very own TextNow Pride shirt, you can order it online with all proceeds donated to Rainbow Railroad: https://www.bonfire.com/textnowpride/ (Note that Bonfire will process all orders, TextNow is not responsible for shipping or order quality and all questions should be directed to Bonfire.)

We’re continuing our commitment to Pride for 365 days a year with upcoming employee events and training. Until next time when we can see you all again, Connor said it best, “My favorite part about Pride is speaking with thousands of strangers who you just feel immediately connected with simply by being queer.”

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