March 8, 2024

Budget like a woman

Written by valeria

Saving Money

Girl math will tell you that if you buy 5 items online and return 2, you’re saving money. But the real girl math will tell you that managing a budget for an entire household – whether that be just you, you and a partner, a dog (or two), a kid (or three), and maybe even some in-laws – has historically been, and remains to be, a woman’s responsibility.

We know, that’s not always the case for every household, but somewhere along the way, we’ve stopped giving women the credit even when it is. So,we’d like to take today to remedy that by highlighting the women that have inspired us and taught us all about maximizing our budgets. Because if there's one thing women are good at (just kidding, they're good at everything), it's building a community and sharing their knowledge with those who need it:




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