May 8, 2020

Binge-worthy Shows to Get You Through Quarantine

Written by erin

Tips & Tricks

After weeks of quarantine and self-isolation, cabin fever is starting to set in for many of us. If there’s a silver lining to being at home, it’s that in 2020 we have a range of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime to binge to our hearts’ content.

We could spend our days complaining about staying in and missing out on social events with friends, but let’s be honest, if you were out you’d probably be wishing you were home, relaxing on your couch. So now’s the time to make good on that wish! Take advantage of the great indoors and the luxuries of high-speed internet to watch some of these binge-worthy shows as recommended by the team at TextNow. Don’t have WiFi at home? With TextNow’s Unlimited LTE add-on you can use your hotspot or stream straight to your smartphone with no additional fees.


Netflix Picks


Hulu Picks

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Picks

Want to enhance your online streaming experience even more? Why not invite a friend or family member to watch a new show with you — virtually of course. Whether over the phone or through text, it’s always fun to have someone to discuss a show with while you’re making your way through the ups and downs. *Hint, hint. This is your not-so-subtle reminder that TextNow offers free unlimited calling and texting.

If you have any suggestions for binge-worthy shows that have been helping you pass the time in quarantine, please comment and share them below, we’d love to hear what’s keeping you busy and entertained!