April 21, 2022

Autism Awareness Month

Written by matthew

It’s April and TextNow is observing Autism Awareness Month! Our goal at TextNow is to highlight a myriad of experiences, educate on identities, and create a space where TextNovians can show up to work as authentically as they like. Our partner for Autism Awareness Month - or as they have coined it “Autism Action Month” - is The Autism Community in Action (TACA).

TACA was established in 2000, after its Founder and Executive Director, Lisa Ackerman, was told to find institutional placement for her two-year-old son, who had been diagnosed with autism. Unwilling to give up on her little boy, Lisa was committed to ensuring her child, and others like him, would have the opportunity to grow and thrive with their families and within their communities. What began as a local support group for families navigating their autism journey, has grown into a national organization, annually serving more than 83,000 individuals affected by autism.

TACA is a family-centered organization, whose mission is to provide education, support, and hope to families living with autism. TACA reaches families across the country through online resources, webinars, parent mentoring, Autism Journey Guides (TACA’s resource book), Hope and Help (a private Facebook support group), and two annual national autism conferences.

Being able to support this amazing organization, and others like it, is what we love to do at TextNow!

During the month of April we have encouraged Textnovians to change their Zoom background to keep awareness discussions up all month long.

On Apri we had a special presentation from TACA on allyship and autism where all Textnovns learned more about autism, and autism support.

We will conclude the month with TextNow making a monetary donation to TACA and encouraging an internal fundraising drive with all Textnovians. If this sounds like the company culture you’d relish, then check out our careers page!