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Adjust your Phone Plan to Your Needs




March 24, 2020

Adjust your Phone Plan to Your Needs

With TextNow, managing your phone plan is easy. You don’t need to call or chat with customer support and there are no contracts. You can change your plan manually at any time, without having to wait or facing any restrictions or hidden fees.

Whether you need more data to keep an eye on the news this month or you want to reduce your plan because you’re in a tight spot financially, TextNow has got you covered.

The easiest way to manage your account is online at www.textnow.com/messaging. Once you are logged into your account online follow these steps to review and edit your account settings:

  1. In the menu on the left side on the page select My Wireless Account

2. From there you’ll want to click on the button to Manage Plan

3. Next select Change Plan

4. On the next page you’ll be able to see your Add-On options.

Note that if you’re downgrading to less data or an ad-supported option, existing service you already paid for will remain active until your next scheduled billing date. If you’re choosing to upgrade, the change will take place effective immediately.

Never pay an overage fee. Change your data allotment whenever and however many times you need to. Revert to our free service or cancel with zero penalties.

Your ability to stay connected should not be determined by your financial situation, let your TextNow account work for you!

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