December 20, 2021

A TextNow Carol: 2021

Written by valeria


Welcome to our annual tradition
where we like to remind everyone of our sacred mission
to make everyone feel like home is where the phone is
no matter your budget, your state, or if you're a Mr. or Mrs.

Hi, and welcome to our annual TextNow carol,
where we don't judge your phone, budget, or even the state of your apparel
for those of you who are new, this is where we share some cheerful rhymes
to get you ready for the holidays, even through the rough times
and for those who have been here before, welcome back
we hope you know by now spirit* is not something we lack

Whether you manage to get together this year, or have to spend it apart
the holidays shouldn't have to lose any of their heart
So get settled in, and we'll tell you about how
one struggling family had their holiday saved by TextNow

You see, it was a rough year for mom and dad
losing their jobs, and cancelling family functions, it was enough to make anyone sad
Bills started piling up, and finally, they had to make a choice
to cut all their services, or sink into debt to keep a few of their joys
Until one day, after spending some time searching the net
Mom found an option that would have all their needs met
They could keep their phones and still stay in touch
but the greatest surprise was, it wouldn't even cost them that much
In fact, it was free, and it didn't stop there
so she called out to everyone and rose from her chair
"Download this app and get your new phone number," she said
"and with a $0 monthly bill, we can keep sleeping in our own bed."

Brother and sister were hesitant at first
but after trying it, they agreed it really wasn't the worst
In fact, it gave them a lot of freedoms they didn't expect
like spending hours on a video call that took no effort to connect
And with all the money they were now able to save without a phone bill
they decided to travel again, but they'd need service still
To their surprise, we had a solution for that too
because we don't believe blocking communication is a nice thing to do
A $5 sim card was all they had to buy
to have the same great service they began to love without any WiFi

But the truth is, this story is not so unique
we've seen families like this write to us with stories so bleak
But regardless of where or what you are, your voice should never be muted
it should be celebrated, requested, and never diluted
Because it's yours to use, and yours to share
no matter what, how, when, or where
So for our final holiday send-off, we'd just like to end with this
no bill should ever ruin your holiday bliss
We hope you smile, laugh, share, and shout
remember to use your voice, because that's what life is all about.