December 23, 2020

A TextNow Carol: 2020

Written by valeria


The ornaments are hung, the lights are brightly shining, and we've all gathered round
To recite this year's holiday carol, which we hope finds you all safe and sound.
This season may not feel like any other before it,
But that doesn't mean that it's lost any of its spirit
So we thought to ourselves, "what is our mission"
Is it truly to provide phone service to everyone--whatever their condition?
Is it to help the mom who wants to start her own business on the side
Or is it to allow her teenage son to call, asking for a ride
Maybe it's to give the girl looking to date online a safer second number
Or for her dad to close an online sale of all his extra lumber
Then there's Grandma and Grandpa sitting at home
Sifting through their bills with a fine toothed comb
Adding another phone line would be an expensive addition
But all they want is to get your texts with pictures of their favourite little musician
When it came down to it, we knew there were 1000 more reasons
Why people needed us, now, tomorrow, and for all future seasons
Because staying in touch isn't just about coffee shop meet-ups and drinks at the bar
It's about knowing what's happening, even from afar
So when you finally try that famous family recipe, or bring home the biggest Christmas tree
You can share it with as many people and as many times as you want—for free
Because being festive isn't about parties, or taking pictures in malls
it's about spreading the holiday spirit, with as many texts, pictures and even group calls.
So thank you for allowing us to help, and for reminding us all this year
that the most important thing is that we stay connected to those we hold most dear.