December 19, 2019

A TextNow Carol

Written by valeria


Home is where the phone is- at least that's what we like to say.
So to stay in touch this holiday, download TextNow today!

With only a week left 'til Christmas, we all gathered round  
A holly-adorned office, with heavy snow inbound  
To discuss the holidays, and TextNow’s part
In making sure that families don’t have to spend them apart
One voice piped up in confusion, with care
“Don’t we already provide a service that’s oh-so-rare”?
When asked about it further, he went on to explain
“We give free phone service to every George, Jerry, and Elaine”
What he meant of course, was our steadfast mission
To make phone service available to everyone- regardless of their condition
Whether you’re just trying to save a buck
Or call a friend because your car got stuck
Perhaps you figured your budget is better spent on school
Or that paying for a phone number these days is just straight up uncool
And as we discussed these different personas at length
The snow outside started gaining in strength
As fearful murmurs and concerns began to rise
It seemed the answer was written in those grey-filled skies
Because no matter who you are or where you may be
We know the most important thing this season is family
Whether it’s a snow storm or a whole continent in your way
Not being in touch is simply not okay
So what we’re trying to say is this
Don’t let high cell phone bills ruin your holiday bliss
If you can’t go back home this winter season
We say: All the more reason...
To download TextNow today, and start making calls
To St. Louis, Mexico, even the Canadian Niagara Falls!
And if your family is located a little further from the border
Calling them should not be such a tall order
With super affordable long distance prices
You can stay in touch without any budget sacrifices
So as we near the start of another festive week
Know that your prospects aren’t so bleak
With TextNow's free phone numbers to give away
We can help keep those pesky phone bills at bay
So I guess at this point, all that’s left for us to say
Is have a good break, we promise to be here each and every day