September 12, 2023

A guide to GenZ speak

Written by madison

Tips & Tricks

Have you felt lost in a recent conversation? Do you find yourself nodding on the outside while trying to keep up and understand the language spoken by the younger generation? If you answered yes, know you're not alone. Decoding Gen Z is no easy feat, so no cap, we're here to help you and all boomers, GenX-ers, and Millennials alike to navigate their lingo and slay those convos every day.

*Disclaimer: You should keep reading; I promise I'm a professional (read: I scroll through too much TikTok).

So here it is: A list of trending words with easily digestible definitions for you to follow along:

Stan – a devoted fan of something or someone. Fun fact: This one is actually derived from the hit 2000 single, "Stan," by Eminem.

"I absolutely stan Celine Dion!"

Rizz – short for charisma.

"That guy's got some serious rizz."

Periodt – to emphasize a statement is final or to emphasize a point.

"Beyonce had the greatest music video of all time. Periodt."

Cap; no cap– fake or dishonest ; no lie or being 'real.'

"The news these days are all cap."
"No cap, that was the best pizza I ever had."_

Bet – another way to say yes or 'you bet.'

_"You wanna go see a double feature Friday?"


Slay – to look good or perform really well.

"Ryan Gosling slayed as Ken."

Ate that – describing someone who did a great job.

"Margot Robbie ate that."

Left no crumbs – used to describe someone who did a great job since they ate it all, they left no crumbs (see above).

"Zendaya left no crumbs on the red carpet."

Bop – refers to a really good beat or song.

"Cruel Summer is a certified bop."

Fit – short for outfit.

"This is my going out to brunch fit."

Low key – when someone is wanting to express something without coming on too strong.

"Low key, you're probably paying too much for phone service."

I’m weak/dead/deceased – used when something is extremely funny.

"Did you see that episode of Seinfeld? I'm dead."

Sus – short for suspicious.

"That week-old donut looks a little sus."

We would like to note:

If you're above the age of 29, using any of these words may cause these secondhand side effects:  Involuntary cringe responses, eye rolls, incontrollable facial expressions of disgust, instant secondhand embarrassment, laughter, the urge to run away, pretend illness, and raised eye brows. Other side effects may occur.

*Do not attempt to use slang without supervision – GenZs are professionals and they will mock you.