May 10, 2019

6 Apps To Help Moms Do What Moms Do Best

Written by erin

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Mother's Day

Being a mom is hard — or so I’m told. I can’t pretend to understand what it’s like to be a mom. I truly think my mom is a superhero for making it look easy in the 90s, in the dark days before the internet and smartphone apps.

There are pros and cons to being responsible for shaping a human life, but the following helpful apps can make a mom’s life much easier.

Urban Sitter App Icon

UrbanSitter (Free for Android and iOS)Trusted simplicity: when it comes to searching for a babysitter, what more could you want? UrbanSitter helps parents find babysitters directly from their easy-to-use app. The app includes background check information, options to pay via credit card, last minute bookings and reviews from people in your own community. With UrbanSitter you can have an evening out with your husband or friends and be confident that your kids will be well taken care of.

Stridepost App Icon

Stridepost (Free for Android&iOS)Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or working full-time, taking care of your kids and your home is time consuming. So why not kill two birds with one stone and use your kids to help around the house, while also helping them learn responsibility while being incentivized? Stridepost allows you to set tasks for your family and earn points upon completion. Oh, and did I mention that Stridepost also has a digital family calendar? You can now stay organized with your family activities all in one place. There is so much this app offers that I can’t even fit it all in this post, so check it out to learn more for yourself!

Trekaroo App Icon

Trekaroo Family Travel (Free for iOS)One huge concern that I have for when I have kids is will I still be able to travel, and enjoy myself while travelling. It seems like the makers of Trekaroo had this thought too and have provided parents with a super helpful travel companion app. Trekaroo helps users discover kid-friendly activities for the areas that you’re visiting. With various pre-made itineraries and travel guides you and your kids can enjoy themselves on your upcoming adventures.

Yummly App Icon

Yummly (Free for Android&iOS)Preparing dinner for two every night is hard enough, so I can only imagine the difficulty I’d have coming up with unique recipes to keep things interesting if I had to cook for some picky kids as well. Lucky for me, and all the actual parents out there, Yummly exists to provide us with a variety of recipes. Any food restrictions? No problem! Yummly will filter out recipes to suit your preferences. Need something that’s quick and easy to make? Yummly’s got you covered! Keeping meals interesting has never been easier.

Kids Eat Free App Icon

Kids Eat Free (Free for Android&iOS)This app is exactly what it sounds like, and what it sounds like to me is awesome! The Kids Eat Free app allows you to find restaurants in your area that offer free meals for kids. You can specify the day of the week you want to eat our and the distance you’re willing to travel. Sometimes even the simplest Yummly recipes can feel like too much so let someone else do the cooking once in a while without breaking the bank.

Insight Timer Application

Insight Timer (Free for Android&iOS)Rest and relaxation have got to be the top things that moms deserve on Mother’s Day. With the Insight Timer app though, you can squeeze in some quality rest and relaxation time everyday, whether you have twenty minutes to spare or just one. Insight Timer offers over 9,000 guided meditations ranging in length, as well as the option to make your own customizable meditation playlist. So take a break from all that mom-ing to rejuvenate your mind so you can get back to it stronger than before!

After doing some research for this article and seeing all of the great resources that moms in 2018 have at their disposal, I respect my mom so much more for being so organized and be on top of things in the 90s. So to all you moms out there that raised their kids the old-fashion way, we say thank you! To the newer moms I say: Don’t overlook these new tools that can help make your life easier.