April 21, 2023

5 Ways TextNow works to make your life easier.

Written by kevin-c

Saving Money

After the past few years, don’t we all need things to make our lives easier?  No need to answer because we all know the answer is yes. Here’s how TextNow can help you out with the little things and the big things alike.

TextNow saves you money.

Out of all the things that make life easier, money has to be near the top. That’s why we listed it first. While TextNow can’t solve all your money problems, we can at least do something about traditional carriers charging frankly outrageous prices just for the privilege of making a call or sending a message.

For starters TextNow, the app, is always free, and you can use it for free over Wi-Fi.  We also have a very affordable SIM card to let you use TextNow without Wi-Fi, again for free. Each SIM card comes with our Nationwide Talk & Text feature, so you’ll be able to call or text any US number, from anywhere in the US, for free. That’s a lot of free, meaning more money stays in your pocket.

TextNow is built for multitasking.

One of the best kept secrets about TextNow is that you can log into your account on multiple devices – phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, browser. It’s so incredibly useful it’s a wonder more people don’t take advantage of it.

Here’s an example: You can check your messages on TextNow.com in the morning, then grab your phone powered with a TextNow SIM card to continue the conversation, and then log into your account on your work computer – and the beauty of it, all the messages and call logs will be available to you wherever you are.

TextNow protects your privacy.

We here at TextNow look at phone numbers as if they’re email addresses. In the same way you might have multiple email accounts for different reasons – one for work, one for school, one for yourself, etc. Why not do the same for phone numbers? Instead of your home or cell number out to the person you just met at the club, give them your TextNow number! That way you can keep your romantic life separate from the rest of your life. Same goes for your business – use a TextNow number to ensure your professional business needs are met (find out more below).

TextNow adapts to your needs.

Our basic calling and texting service will always be free, because it’s supported entirely through ads. But sometimes you need to go beyond just the basics. That’s where the TextNow Store comes in.

You’ll find the store section on the main menu of the TextNow app where you can shop for our popular add-ons like Locked in Number (to allow your TextNow number to receive codes) and Ad-Free to remove the ads from the app or add data to your TextNow SIM card for wireless internet access from anywhere in the US. Best part is none of these add-ons lock you into a contract. Buy the ones you want and cancel them at any time.

TextNow makes your side hustle easier.

In this economy, many people are looking to add to their income with a side-job. Having a TextNow phone number to go with your side hustle is a natural fit. Give out your TextNow number for your side hustle to keep it separate from your personal life. Plus, with our built-in ability to have your account active on multiple devices, you’ll never miss a business call or message.

We could go on about how TextNow helps make your life easier OR you could take it for a spin and try it out for yourself. Head over to https://www.textnow.com/signup  or your phones app store and download it for free!