July 27, 2021

5 Tips To Keep Your Phone Cool During The Summer

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

Who doesn't love summer? Long hours of sunshine and long days at the beach, barbeques, outdoor festivals... It's just the best right? Well, except for your smartphone.

Electronics are like The Jonas Brothers --- they like to feel cool. And given the heatwaves sweeping the country there's a real good chance your phone will overheat which can be bad. As in "damage your phone bad."

So while you're out having fun in the sun, here's how to keep your phone nice and cool.

Take it out of your pocket.

If you're trying to keep your phone cool, your pocket is a terrible place to put it, as your natural body heat will keep it warm. Instead, keep it somewhere shaded, away from insulating materials.

Don't keep it in your car.

Speaking as a person who has accidentally left more than one vinyl record in a hot car, cars get really, really, REALLY hot even when there's not a heatwave. Cracking a window won't cut it - better to keep it out of your car entirely.

Close any apps you're not using.

Apps use power, power converts to heat, which - you guessed it - heats up your phone. Turns out your high school physics was correct.

Turn down the brightness.

Speaking of power, your display uses the bulk of the power on your phone (not surprisingly), so turning down the brightness will save power which, as above, will reduce heat.

Don't put it in the freezer.

I know, it's tempting. Thing is hot, freezer is cold, seems like a solid solution. But time for more physics: quick temperature changes can cause condensation inside your phone. Water in your phone is a bad, bad idea.