September 23, 2021

5 great places to take fall photos

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

OK, you've got a TextNow SIM , and signed up for our absurdly affordable data plan, and you're itching to explore out beyond your WiFi range, and boy is fall ever the time to do that. So grab your trusty TextNow enabled phone and check out these amazing spots:1. Anywhere in New England, pretty much.

new england sure is pretty

Fall is New England's time to shine, to say the least. And based on every US travel blog ever, you can apparently take a trip up to say, Connecticut, randomly stop your car and point your phone in any direction, and bingo! One breathtaking photo.2. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Shenandoah National Park

Luckily you don't have to go all the way up to the upper tip of Maine just to see pretty colors. If you're out on the East Coast, the Appalachian-centric Shenandoah National Park is home to enough gorgeous fall scenery to fuel ten thousand fall photo calendars.3. Door County, Wisconsin

 Door County, Wisconsin

But hey you know where else has trees? The Midwest! Like for example, the slim little Door Peninsula, sandwiched between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, home to Wisconsin's picture-book pretty Door County.4. Park City, Utah

Park City, utah

You know, when you name a city "Park", you better deliver the goods, fall-wise. Clearly, Park City, very well known to indie-movie lovers as the home of the Sundance Film Festival, delivers and then some.5. New York City

Come on, tell me you don't want to road trip to New York with a woman you know from college who you don't get along with but end up falling in love with thirteen years later? Oh, wait that's the plot of When Harry Met Sally. Well, still, could you imagine that film taking place in Feburary? Heck no.