September 22, 2021

5 great apps for shopping on the go

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

It's weird that there's no portmanteau for "shopping app." Shapp? hmmmm, doesn't exactly roll off the tongue I guess.

Regardless, with the nice crisp fall weather here, it's time to get serious about your shopping. Blink and it'll be the holiday season before you know it. So let's take a look at TextNow's choices for the best shapps (ok, I'll stop) out there so you can shop  from the comfort of your own phone.

Amazon (Android, iOS)

Perhaps you've heard of it? Amazon is probably the gold standard for shopping apps, with tightly integrated wish lists, package tracking, and super secure payment options. And the ability to  price check or purchase things through bar-code scanning is super slick.  As an extra bonus, it's probably already on your phone.

eBay (Android, iOS)

The other 800-pound elephant in the shopping app space, and ironically, a place where you can (probably) actually buy an 800-pound elephant. eBay on mobile is a shockingly good app --- honestly, it's easier to use than their website. With the ability to save searches, powerful filters and notifications, if you can't find it on eBay, it probably doesn't exist.

Etsy (Android, iOS)

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Amazon, Etsy is a place to support artists and makers directly. If you're looking for handmade or vintage gifts, Etsy is like visiting the world's biggest craft fair. The app is great too, allowing you to message makers and shop owners directly through the app --- very convenient if, like me, you are confused by the concept of clothing sizes.

Modcloth (Android, iOS)

And speaking of vintage, Modcloth is like window shopping at the world's hippest clothing store. If you're down with the whole vintage/revival look, Modcloth will be your clothing nirvana. Plus their commitment to diversity and inclusion shines through in both their clothing selection and their models.

OfferUp (Android, iOS)

OfferUp is like a garage sale on steroids. If buying local is important to you, OfferUp lets you browse and connect with your neighbours to see what goodies they're looking to sell.  Plus you can message them directly in the app, for all your haggling needs. One person's trash is another person's treasure, right?

And, of course, whether you're buying or selling, give yourself a little added security by giving them your TextNow number as your contact. Can't be too careful, plus, no one wants sales spam on their main number. That's what a second phone number is for.