June 14, 2023

5 Father’s Day Gifts Under $25

Written by kevin-c


Here’s a fun fact: There are many types of dads. And aside from a shared love of terrible puns, all dads are unique. They can also be surprisingly hard to buy gifts for, especially if you’re on a budget. Here are just some gift ideas for your type of Dad:

For the Fix-it Dad Geekey Multitool ($19.99)

We’ve seen a few multi-tools over the years, but the Geekey Tool might be the best of them all. As pictured above, the Geekey has it all from: a bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler, wrench, box cutter, bit driver, file, pipe, and a bike spoke key. And it’s somehow small enough to fit on your keychain! Plus, it’s stainless steel, TSA friendly and, most importantly, has a tremendously punny name. Pretty good for $19.99 I’d say.

For the Jokester Dad (Dad Bod t-shirt ($22.95)

Ok, yes, pretty much all dads are jokesters. There’s a reason the term “dad joke” exists. But if you have a dad with an unstoppable love of puns, then this classic dad-joke t-shirt is just the ticket. Or, if you don’t like that joke, there are plenty others to choose from – a quick search for “dad joke t-shirt" on Amazon returned over one thousand hits, with most of the t-shirts being under $20.

For the Forgetful Dad Coffee Mug Warmer (21.99)

Perhaps you have one of these forgetful dads who is constantly leaving half-empty cups of coffee everywhere and then goes to drink from one and it’s of course ice cold so he makes another and then leaves that one somewhere too, half-empty. It is an endless cycle of brewing/forgetting/back to brewing.  Help dad break that cycle with a mug warmer. Pop your mug of coffee on it and it will keep nice and warm until dad remembers its existence again.

For the Rocker Dad Just the Ticket: Ticket Stub Organizer ($19.99)

If your dad is the kind of dad who sings along to every U2 song on the radio and who somehow manages to reference how he saw Coldplay on their first tour in every conversation, you might have a Rocker Dad. Rocker Dads live for the music and inevitably have a shoebox full of old concert ticket stubs. Let’s give those stubs a home with this ticket stub organizer. Also, a great gift for Hip-Hop Dads, Jazz Dads, and Metal Dads.

For the Financially Smart Dad: TextNow (FREE!)

Now here is a gift at a price all dads love: free! With TextNow, your dad can set up his own number that can be private between family, so you can always get in touch if you need him. If your dad is also Tech Confuses Me Dad, then you can show him how he can use one number on his tablet, smartphone, desktop or even a laptop. Pretty soon you will turn Financially Smart Dad into a Free Phone Service With TextNow Dad!