May 10, 2023

5 affordable gifts for Mother’s Day

Written by kevin-c


Is there anyone who deserves their own day more than Mom? Mom is your biggest fan, your best supporter, and an apparently endless fountain of unconditional love. Moms deserve more than just a day, honestly.

The best part about Mom, though, is that she loves everything you’ve ever given her. For Mom, it really is the thought that counts, not the price tag.

Now of course Mom deserves the best. But if your situation is such that major luxury items are out of your budget, we’ve compiled a list of cool and useful Mom gifts that your bank account won’t be afraid of.

So, with that in mind, we’ve come up with some great gift affordable deals for Mom this year.

Coupon Book for Mom $5.99 on Amazon

I love these coupon books because they really emphasize the spirit of giving. Instead of an object, you give Mom coupons she can redeem from you at any time. You can also get ones that are blank so you can fill in your own coupons, but I like this one because it has some excellent ideas for coupons, like “a DIY Day” where you help Mom with a household project, or “Tea Party” where you help organize a lovely afternoon of chatting with her friends. Trust me, Mom’s going to love this.

Sleep eye masks starting at $9.99 on Amazon

You know who doesn’t get enough sleep? Moms, that’s who. That makes sleep masks the perfect gift, especially if it comes with a promise that you’re not going to bug them for at least an hour. As you might suspect there’s a wide variety of sleep masks out there, costing anywhere from $9.99 up to an outrageous $160. While nothing is too good for Mom, I’d bet she’d get as good of a sleep with the $9.99 ones.

IPatisserie Dessert Truffle Flight from Godiva $20.00 at Godiva

Do I even need to ask if Mom loves chocolate? Of course she does. Everyone does. Which is a perfect excuse to get her a flight of truffle chocolates from Godiva. This particular set contains tiramisu, chocolate lava cake, and vanilla dulce de leche flavor truffles. Or if truffles aren’t her thing, there’s also a more conventional set of delicious chocolate for the same price. The only trouble you'll have is not eating them yourself before Mother’s Day.

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Smal****l $20.99 on Amazon

If Mom was recently bitten by the travel bug, then a book crammed with (as the title says) one thousand incredible ideas for amazing experiences would be just the thing. Perfect for a retired Mom who wants to fill her life with memories of watching sea turtles lay eggs in Borneo or learning the tango in Buenos Aires (to name just two of the 1000). And honestly who wouldn’t?

You $0.00 for TextNow

Let’s be really honest here: You know what Mom wants more than anything this Mother’s Day? You! Life gets busy and suddenly you realize you haven’t talked to Mom in a while. I don’t mean texted, but actually talked, so she can hear the sound of your voice. With TextNow you can talk to Mom whenever you like, from your browser, from your tablet, or smartphone. Crucially, with TextNow you don’t have to talk Mom through installing and using yet another app. With TextNow you can call Mom on her landline or any other phone number. TextNow can call any number in the US or Canada, completely totally free.

So for this year, give Mom what she really wants: You, courtesy of TextNow