June 14, 2021

2021 Father's Day Gift Guide

Written by valeria

Tips & Tricks

"Father's Day is a little different this year"---the sentence that starts almost every Father's Day post. That and "dads are the hardest to shop for." And while those two statements may very well be true, that doesn't stop us from trying to help in any way we can to make each Father's Day just a little more special.So rather than scouring the internet for the perfect gift, we did it for you, and are happy to share what we found:

For the dad who likes his car

Of course, everyone---regardless of whether they're a biological father or not---should like their car. Enough, at least, to want to keep it running for as long as they can. And as we all know, that usually comes with some hefty bills from your mechanic after you see that dreaded 'check engine' light on your dash. So Fixd came up with a solution: scan your own codes and find out just how much a repair job like that should cost, really. The plug-in scanner (eligible with any car manufactured after 1996) will read out the code(s) to you in easily digestible layman language, so you can do the proper research and find out just how imperative the problem is (if there is one), and how much you can expect it to cost.



For the dad who is always running low on battery

If you've travelled anywhere with your dad and noticed that his phone battery is somehow always on low/close to dying, then this may just be the perfect gift for him (or perhaps, it's the other way around, and in that case, it's still the perfect gift for him as he'll have something for you to use when it happens!). Try Voltzy, the solar powered, portable charger. Comes with two USB ports, and can be left out in the sun to recharge for emergency use, is durable and rain-proof, and even comes with a built in flashlight. Perfect for long overnight drives, or even just some good ol' fashioned camping trips.


For the dad who just likes to hang

Speaking of camping...what about a portable, easy to put together hammock, like this Wise Owl one from Amazon? Even if he's not the outdoors-y type, swinging on a hammock in the backyard sure beats doing housework any day of the week.

Wise Owl hammock

Wise Owl hammock

For the dad who prefers the indoors---and gaming

It's 2021, we know there are plenty of dads out there who would like nothing more than to just have some more spare time to enjoy their video games, and for that, they need a whole gaming set-up. While those can get expensive---and we're sure Dad is particular about some things---you can help him have a more comfortable time by investing in a proper gaming chair, or if he's a Nintendo Switch player, in some useful accessories.

Nintendo Switch accessories bundle

For the dad who doesn't need much, but would like a beer

We know the struggle: what do I get for the man who has everything? Any tool or accessory, he already bought. Any clothing item or trendy piece, he won't care about. Well, sometimes the simplest thing is just getting him something he already has, but better. Like a craft beer club subscription, where he can get a case of carefully selected craft beers every month, every other month, or even quarterly---up to you how you prefer to set it up. It's simple, it's easy, and it's bound to crack a smile.

The Original Craft Beer Club

We also like to remind our readers that sometimes, just a simple call is really all a dad is looking forward to. So don't forget to give him one, wherever he is in the world¹, with TextNow's free calling and texting.

¹_Some international calls may be subject to an international long distance rate_