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We’re partnering with to collect feedback from users like you. All you have to do to join in is create an account and fill out a few questions about yourself!

User Testing

We’re partnering with to collect feedback from users like you. All you have to do to join in is create an account and fill out a few questions about yourself!

User Testing


When we’re looking for feedback, you’ll get an email or a text message with details about the opportunity. If you’d like to participate, follow the instructions provided.


TextNow Labs has plenty of activities for you to take part in, including short surveys, sessions where you interact with a product by yourself, or interviews with the TextNow team.

Get rewards

When you successfully participate in a session with us you get rewards! Whether it’s TextNow swag, entries in to prize giveaways, or up to $75 in your PayPal account, each activity will get you something different.

How to create an account on

In this video we show you how to create an account on so that you can officially join TextNow Labs. TextNow Labs is a way for real users to give feedback on future features, new changes, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up to participate?

Anyone who is a current TextNow user is invited to join TextNow Labs.

I don’t live near a TextNow office. Can I still participate?

Yes! Nearly 100% of our research takes place remotely, meaning that you can take part almost anywhere you have a reliable internet connection using your own device.

What will I do during a session?

You’ll get the chance to participate in a range of activities, which may including the following:

A moderated study, where you will perform some tasks and have a conversation with a member of the TextNow team. These are typically scheduled in advance, held over a Zoom web-conference or a phone call, and can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

An unmoderated study, where you will perform some tasks by yourself while recording your device screen and talking about the experience. These can be done anytime and will typically only take 15 minutes to complete.

Surveys, where you will simply fill out answers to some questions we send you. These could take anywhere from two to 15 minutes.

Will I get paid to participate?

Generally, yes! Moderated studies can pay $30-60, depending on how long they are. Unmoderated studies pay a flat $10. Any time you participate in these,  funds will be sent to the PayPal account you linked when you signed up. You must have a PayPal account in order to receive rewards.

Surveys and other, shorter feedback types will not be compensated with cash, but may provide an opportunity to win some cool TextNow swag or entries into a raffle for a bigger prize.

I want to update my information / opt-out after signing up / I have other questions

Feel free to contact us and we’ll address any concerns you have about the TextNow Labs program.

Okay, I’m ready to sign up. Where do I start?

Click here to proceed to, fill out the information to create an account, and stay tuned for alerts on when you can participate!

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