July 26, 2022

TextNow SIM Card Questions – Answered!

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

If you're enjoying unlimited calling and texting from TextNow, did you know you can go even further by replacing your phone plan and getting on a nationwide network with TextNow? It's true! With a one-time purchase of a TextNow SIM Card for only $1.99*, you can connect on the nation's largest 5G/4G network, all without a phone bill! It works just like our app, with ads covering the cost of phone service, so you never have to worry about a monthly bill. Even better, flexible add-ons are always available, and you can make changes when you need, with no contracts or hidden fees – ever.

Modern phone service means it's free, flexible, and in an app. Try TextNow!

If you have questions about the TextNow SIM Card, we have answers for you:

Is my phone is compatible with TextNow?

Enter your phone's IMEI number on our device checker to verify if it's compatible.

Don't know how to find it your IMEI? It's quick and easy:

  • iPhone: Settings > General > About

  • Android: Settings > About Phone > Status

Can I order a TextNow SIM Card outside of the U.S.?

Sorry, but no, the TextNow SIM Card is only available in the United States.

Can I use the TextNow SIM Card to get mobile service outside the U.S.?

With a TextNow SIM Card, you receive free roaming in Canada and Mexico, but wireless service is not available outside of the United States. If you are traveling internationally, you can continue to use TextNow when connected to WiFi.

Does TextNow offer SIM Cards in Canada?

No. We'd love to, but currently we only offer wireless service in the United States, so SIM Cards are only available in the U.S.

Does my device need to be unlocked to work with TextNow?

It sure does. If your device is locked, you'll need to follow your current carrier's instructions to unlock it before you can use it with TextNow.

I'm having trouble activating my TextNow SIM Card!

Check out our support article on how to set up your APN manually here. If you're still struggling, head over to our chat and a team member from customer care will walk you through troubleshooting. You can access chat via our support page between 10am-5:30pm EST Mon-Sun. Just click/tap the purple chat bubble on the bottom right, ask to speak to an agent, and then click/tap 'Get in touch' when prompted to speak to an agent.

Can I put my TextNow SIM Card in another phone or switch phones?

If the phone is compatible, you sure can! Contact our chat for assistance with swapping your phones.

Does my SIM store my photos?

Nope! Your photos are stored on your device.

Where can I get a TextNow SIM Card? How much does it cost?

We thought you'd never ask. Get your TextNow SIM Card for only 99¢!

Does the TextNow SIM Card fit in my phone?

TextNow SIM Cards are tri-cut, which means they can be cut to fit to fit standard, micro, and nano sizes.

*Price of SIM card subject to change.

Get more answers to common TextNow questions or chat for help with your TextNow SIM Card – we're here to help you phone smarter!