{{'Wi-Fi + Cellular = Connected Everywhere' | i18n}}

{{'We\'ve developed technology that uses a combination of Wi-Fi, data, and cellular voice networks for texting and calling. What does this mean for you? Better coverage, less dropped calls, and significant savings!' | i18n}}

{{'Wi-Fi provides robust coverage in places where cell networks don\'t always work - like basements and apartments. No roaming fees for Wi-Fi connections also means you stay connected while travelling the world.' | i18n}}

{{'Introducing TextNow Elastic Calling Technology' | i18n}}

{{'Traditional carriers don\'t and won\'t change your network. We\'re looking out for any issues you may have, and adjusting your connection accordingly.' | i18n}}

{{'Try us out commitment-free' | i18n}}

{{'Try TextNow for Free' | i18n}}

{{'Unlimited talk, text & data' | i18n}}

{{'Our phones come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, all taxes included and 1 year warranty.' | i18n}} {{'Our phones come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1 year warranty.' | i18n}} {{'If you aren\'t satisfied just send your phone back for a refund (we\'ll pay the postage).' | i18n}}

{{'Shop Phones & Plans' | i18n}}